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Global Warming Slogans

Earth is slowly dying. Save her, go green.

No Pollution is the solution.

Listen to this global warning, take some care and stop the warming!

Trees eat C02. Plant Tress everywhere.

Man made global warming, the biggest scam in the history of man kind to get our money.

As the ozone becomes thinner, the oceans get higher.

Think of our Future. Lets make a change now.

Global warming! Bad for farming!

Care for our planet? Go green.

Consume less, save money .

Polar Bears are on Thin Ice: Stop Global Warming.

No more coal.

The Earth has a fever. Is Man a virus?

Being Cool has never been so hot.

Global Warming: We have a solution, Stop Pollution!

Buy a thick cotton coat for winter.

Move your home close to work.

Can you keep it Cool?

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